The Candle and The Fire

By Ezekiel Osei Owusu

With the increasing rise in teachers, many Christians fall into the deadly trap of being increasingly ignorant of the number one teacher Jesus introduced to us – the Holy Spirit.

There are innumerable number of resources available for a Christian today: different translations of the bible, concordances, books, video and audio sermons, conferences, seminars, conventions, retreats, bible study groups and many more. But these in themselves have no impact on our spiritual life when we lack a personal walk with the Holy Spirit.

We often times seek to rest our spiritual growth on discovering or meeting the most anointed man of God or the greatest bible teacher we know. We thank God for the divers gifts He has raised for the edification of the church. But one thing we have to know is that, no matter how anointed or theologically sophisticated our best pastor can be, when we lack the voice of the Spirit in our hearts, the long hours of sitting and the pile of notes we have gathered will never be transformed into a single light of God’s revelation in our hearts.

It is revelation that brings transformation. In as much as ministers of the gospel invest a lot to always carry a balanced spiritual diet for their congregation, the onus lies on the individuals themselves to know how to position their hearts for a real impartation of God’s light.

Spiritual ignorance goes beyond the mere lack of information. It is the lack of a revelational encounter with the Truth. Many long serving Christians carry information but lack revelation. A child born and raised in a Christian home is most likely to be carrying information than revelation. ‘Revelation’ as derived from the word ‘reveal’ suggests: bringing into light something that has been in darkness; uncovering something that has been covered. If something is in darkness the only thing that can make it revealed is light. Revelation is not a pile of similarly worded scriptures linked up from the extremes of one’s bible, neither is it a pile Hebrew and Greek words that carry hard twists and tongue biting intonations. Revelation occurs in the spirit. It is not of the mind.

Does the information we keep in our minds and the experiences we have in life affect our revelation? Well, let it be a later discussion hopefully in subsequent posts.

We understand from the scriptures that the word of God is light that illuminates our spirits. ‘The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple’ Ps 119:130.

The illumination of one’s spirit with the word of God is what we will call revelation.

The Candle of the Lord

The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord,

searching all the inward parts of the belly.

Proverbs 20:27 KJV

I really love how the King James Version expresses this verse. The spirit of man is described as a candle. We know that a candle on its own cannot produce light. A match is lit and brought close enough to the wick of the candle for it to burn. The wick of the candle is then set on fire and it is out of the fire light is produced. In other words, there is a transference of light from the match to the candle. The candle just catches the fire and continues to burn. The spirit of man does not have the ability to ignite its own fire neither does it have the ability to shine its own light. There has to be an external source of fire. The Holy Ghost is that external source. God through His Spirit ignites His word like fire and drives it close to our spirits. It is only when we readily avail the wick of our spirits through the expressive desire of our will, we can receive illumination.

The writer of Hebrews wrote “the word of God is quick and powerful…” (Hebrews 4:12). God’s fire through His word is readily available and never quenching. It harbors exceeding enough power and never diminishes in its strength. God desires to impart that fire into us. The fire of God with His Spirit never diminishes but the fire we carry in our own spirits can diminish depending on how often we constantly submit it to the ignition of the fire of the Holy Spirit through the word.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Matthew 24:35.

This verse explains the infiniteness of God’s word. The fire in God’s word never quenches.

In 1945 the infamous Hiroshima atomic bombing that took the lives of many, according to records, ignited a fire ball of 1200 feet in diameter and radiated a heat of 6000 degrees celcius. The damage of this bomb covered about 3,5 kilometres in radius. Despite the enormous heat and gigantic size of this fire, years afterwards we do not see traces of its flames. But God makes us understand that His word that produces fire is exponentially way more powerful and it never passes away. Isn’t that amazing? This fire is what gives us illumination.

Revelation is illumination. We can understand hence that we cannot receive illumination without the fire of God’s word ignited through the Holy Spirit – the source of the fire.

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